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“What You Need to Know about Autism Spectrum Disorder”! 🌈

πŸ“£ Attention everyone! πŸ“£

Adwait Early Intervention Center (A unit of Rmkm Chachiyawas)is excited to announce a life-changing seminar on

“What You Need to Know about Autism Spectrum Disorder”! 🌈

Join us on July 22, 2023, from 01:30 pm to 03:30 pm at Adwait Early Intervention Center for an enlightening session that will provide valuable insights into Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 🀝

Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, educator, or simply interested in understanding ASD better, this seminar is for you! πŸŽ“ Our team of experienced professionals and experts in the field will guide you through various aspects of ASD, including:

πŸ”Ή Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder

πŸ”Ή Early signs and diagnosis

πŸ”Ή Effective intervention strategies

πŸ”Ή Understanding sensory sensitivities

πŸ”Ή Supporting individuals with ASD

πŸ”Ή Q&A session to address your queries

This seminar aims to foster awareness, acceptance, and inclusive practices for individuals with ASD. πŸ’™ Together, let’s build a supportive community that embraces diversity and empowers every individual to thrive!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and make a positive impact! 🌟

Date: July 22, 2023

Time: 01:30 pm – 03:30 pm

Location: Adwait Early Intervention Center

Register now to secure your spot,

Spread the word and invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join us for this essential seminar. Together, we can make a difference! πŸ€—

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