Celebrating Diwali with Joy and Enthusiasm! - Adwait

Celebrating Diwali with Joy and Enthusiasm!


🪔✨ Celebrating Diwali with Joy and Enthusiasm! 🪔✨

We had an incredible Diwali celebration on November 8, 2023, at the Adwait Early Intervention Center ( A unit of RMKM Chachiyawas Ajmer). The Event was graced by some wonderful guests, including Mrs. Sitama Jain, who serves as the President of the Bharatiya Jain Milan Branch and the Swatantar Chintan Mahila Prakoshth at Naka Mandir. We were also honored to have Mrs. Alkesh Jain, Mrs. Rekha Jain, Mrs. Manisha Jain, and many others with us.

In the presence of these esteemed guests, we lit the lamps before Goddess Mahalakshmi, symbolizing the victory of light over darkness.

Our talented school children put on a fantastic cultural program. There was also a delightful exhibition on Daksh Empowerment curated by Manju Sharma.

Mrs. Sitama Jain, our chief guest, shared her Diwali wishes, and it was a beautiful moment when all our guests joined the children in the school courtyard to light up Diwali with full-hearted joy.


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