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Story of Ganesha Visarjan

Story of Ganesha Visarjan
Sage Ved Vyas who also authored Mahabharata requested Lord Ganesha to pen down the epic as Lord Ganesha is considered the God of Vidya (knowledge) and Buddhi (wisdom) and any mistake by Ved Vyas could be corrected. Lord Ganesha agreed to writing down Mahabharat but on a condition that once he starts, he would not stop in between.

Lord Ganpati started writing day and night continuously for the span of 10 days and didn’t even take water. To make sure, Lord Ganesha’s body temperature remains normal and does not increase too much, Ved Vyas applied a paste of mud on his body. By 10th day, the mud had dried up and Lord Ganesha’s body started looking like an idol. His body temperature had also risen up a bit.

To get rid of the mud and cool him down, Ved Vyas immersed his body in water. From this day onwards, Lord Ganesha gets worshipped for 10 days and at the end of it, his idol is immersed in water and this tradition is called Ganesha Visarjan.

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