Donated Art and Craft Supplies Fruits - Adwait

Donated Art and Craft Supplies Fruits

Donated Art and Craft Supplies Fruits

🌟 Exciting News from Adwait Early Intervention Center (A Unit of RMKM Chahchiyawas Ajmer)! 🌟

Today, on September 15th, Mr. Subhash Chandna and Secretary Mr. Ramkishan Gurjar of the Prithviraj Rotary Club visited our center to spread joy and creativity among the children. 🎨🍎

They generously donated art and craft supplies, as well as delicious fruits to our young talents. πŸ–ŒοΈπŸ§‘ It’s heartwarming to see such acts of kindness nurturing the creativity and well-being of our future leaders! 🌠

Thank you, Mr. Subhash Chandna, and Secretary Mr. Ramkishan Gurjar, for your wonderful gesture. πŸ™

Let’s continue to support and encourage the budding artists of tomorrow!


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